Community Planning

Planning can be challenging as teams often work to navigate competing needs and resources in dynamic environments. We specialize in collaborating with communities to understand local conditions and implement comprehensive, intentional program planning that is responsive to unique community needs.

Working alongside clients to gain in-depth understanding of community while uplifting existing resources

We start from the perspective that community members are experts in their own lived experience, and we must first look to see what (and who) has come before us. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their desired goals for community wellness.


We are flexible in our involvement, and can be hired to do an independent standalone assessment, or assist community members to do their own assessment. Approach is often determined by timeline and resources. 

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Community Needs and Readiness Assessments

Strategic Planning

Prevention Planning

Our team is experienced in supporting community leaders to build cross-sector partnerships that allow broad stakeholder collaboration in setting and achieving community goals.  


Community planning offers many benefits, and we would be happy to talk about your interest in a community planning process at any stage you’re at – forming a committee, facilitating member decision-making, or communicating a mission and working through goal setting collectively.  Contact us to request a consultation. 

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“Pathways to a Safer Sitka” Collective Impact Initiative in Sitka, Alaska


Since 2015, SPS has facilitated the transition of the Pathways multistakeholder collaborative in Sitka, AK to using the Collaborative Impact approach. This prevention coalition has been in operation for over twelve years and has broadened their approach to address the entire wellness of Sitka, which demands a more structured and data-driven collaborative approach, such as Collective Impact. Wendi Siebold has worked as the lead consultant on this project and has trained the CI collaborative and staff from the backbone organization in the phases and conditions of CI and has worked with each workgroup/goal areas to develop shared measures. As part of this project, SPS honed a facilitative process by which to walk partners through the identification of their current outcome data and measures while aligning that data with the goals of the Pathways CI Initiative. Materials and training provided by national collective impact technical assistance providers did not address the level of alignment that Pathways needed to do across a multitude of partners with existing measures, so we took the collective through a more advanced conceptual modeling exercise, that ultimately aligned the measures across partners.

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Southeast Alaska Gay & Lesbian Alliance (SEAGLA)

SPS is leading a strategic planning process for the Board of Directors of SEAGLA to reframe and define the role and work of SEAGLA within the Southeastern region of Alaska. The Board intended to more inclusively represent the LGBTQ community and provide regional representation and funding opportunities for the LGBTQ community. SPS is administering an online regional survey to assess the needs and wants of the LGBTQ community, which will inform a two-day in-person strategic planning session facilitated by SPS, and culminating in a written five year strategic plan.