Data Technology

We use digital platforms to collect, analyze, and present information in an easy-to-use, impactful way.

Digital Story Telling

Digital storytelling is a modern tool for keeping the stories and the history of Native and non-Native people alive…in a digital format! We offer 1-3 day trainings for people of all ages who would like to create their own digital story using photographs and their own voice. This is an excellent tool for youth to learn about their heritage and connect the past and present for a healthier community of young people.

Online Technology & Database Management

We are leaders in using online technology to encourage and improve community engagement in prevention activities. Our dynamic firm works efficiently across the US and internationally by utilizing cutting edge technology such as online conferencing, webinars, Cloud computing, etc. This technology is available to all of our projects.

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CDC Delta (National Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative)

SPS staff and contractors lead the full-time empowerment evaluation of the state of Alaska, Florida, California, Delaware and Idaho’s CDC-funded DELTA statewide initiative, which funds domestic violence state and community coalitions to do primary prevention of intimate partner violence and involves a statewide multi-stakeholder planning process for each state’s primary prevention of intimate partner violence/domestic violence. From 2006 – 2011 we also were contracted with Montana in the same capacity. From 2010-2012, we worked with Kansas in the same capacity.

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Prevention, Intervention, Evaluation & Sustainability (PIES) For IPV/SV

Contracted to write the science content of three chapters (process evaluation, outcome evaluation, continuous quality improvement) in the PIES prevention planning manual that was adapted for intimate partner violence and sexual violence prevention by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Violence Prevention.

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CALCASA (Evaluation Training Series)

We conducted a series of in-person workshops to develop the evaluation skills of prevention practitioners in California. Workshops were offered in two parts entitled “Measuring Sexual Violence Prevention Efforts: Phase I and II.” Phase I focuses on an introduction to basic evaluation skills, such as: Process vs. outcome evaluation; using an evaluation work plan vs. a logic model; Evaluation for improvement; Keeping evaluation feasible and within resources; and Avoiding common mishaps. Phase II covers more advanced topics such as: Data management & entry basics; Getting data ready for analysis, Simple data analyses (using online survey software and hand calculations in Excel), and Viewing online survey results.
See our President, Wendi Siebold, speaking about the value of online survey tools for prevention practitioners: CALCASA Podcast W. Siebold