SPS was started in 2011 by Wendi Siebold, our current President. We are hiring staff as the company grows, while keeping the quality of our work at the high level that our clients have come to expect.

Wendi L. Siebold

President & Senior Research Associate

Wendi Siebold, M.A., M.P.H. is the President and a Senior Research Associate at Strategic Prevention Solutions, and currently resides in Juneau, Alaska. For over 16 years, she has specialized in the assessment of organizational and community capacity for domestic violence response and prevention, violence prevention research, program planning and evaluation, and provides evaluation capacity-building training using a participatory approach. She holds degrees in Health Behavior & Health Education and Community Psychology, which afford her a well-balanced approach that emphasizes scientific rigor within a realistic community context. She has specialized in the prevention of gender-based violence, and is recognized at both state and national levels for her work to prevent and address intimate partner abuse and sexual violence.

Wendi has served as project director and principal investigator on statewide prevention initiatives and program evaluations, developed data collection instruments, and has been responsible for both quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis and report writing. She has been contracted to write evaluation and planning tools and trainings for multiple funding organizations, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Department of Justice and State governments. Wendi is a national speaker and writer on topics related to organizational and evaluation capacity building, prevention planning and evaluation. She has participated in national expert panels for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Violence Prevention, and is recognized as a national expert in the prevention of intimate partner and sexual violence. She was an invited researcher at the White House, Office of the Vice President’s, Expert Panel on Teen Dating Violence in December 2010. She also works closely with State Departments of Health in California, Alaska, Montana and Washington.
Email Wendi at wendi@strategicpreventionsolutions.com.

Lexi Prunella

Senior Research Associate

Lexi Prunella, MPH., C.H.E.S., is a Senior Research Associate at Strategic Prevention Solutions. Lexi holds a degree in Public Health Promotion and Health Behavior from Portland State University and a degree in Health Education from Western Oregon University. Lexi began her career in the nonprofit behavioral healthcare sector in Southeast Alaska. She has served as a University level wellness educator where her community outreach and program development efforts addressed substance abuse prevention, personal safety education, dating violence and sexual assault prevention, healthy sexuality education, and sexual orientation and gender identity topics. In Lexi’s most recent position, with the Division of Public Health for the State of Alaska, she focused her energy in evaluating a statewide healthy relationship curriculum and engaging stakeholders in sexual health promotion and sexual violence prevention among foster youth, allowing her to build many local and national community partnerships. Lexi is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a trained Prime for Life substance abuse intervention instructor with experience in community readiness assessments, strategic planning, health program planning and evaluation, and social norms marketing. Lexi’s professional passions surround healthy sexuality, gender spectrum and sexual diversity, adolescent development, and the prevention of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Email Lexi at lexi@strategicpreventionsolutions.com.

Jennifer Burkhart

Research Associate

Jennifer Burkhart, Ph.D. (expected 2017), is a Research Associate at Strategic Prevention Solutions who currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska. Jenn is a (nearly) lifelong Alaskan, and intends to remain in state to serve the needs of rural and urban Alaskan communities indefinitely. She received her doctorate in the Joint UAA-UAF PhD Program in Clinical-Community Psychology with a rural, indigenous emphasis. Her professional interests include program development and evaluation, the integration of clinical and community psychology perspectives, individual and community wellness and resilience, community-based and mixed-methods research, indigenous ways of knowing and healing, and the use of technology to support efforts in all of these domains. Email Jenn at jennifer@strategicpreventionsolutions.com.

Patricia Reyes

Research Associate

Patricia Reyes, M.P.H., is a Research Associate at Strategic Prevention Solutions who currently resides in the Bay Area of California. She brings over twenty-five years of experience evaluating a range of risk reduction and asset building efforts including those addressing access to health and mental health services for children, youth and families; substance abuse prevention and treatment; violence prevention; and school readiness and youth development. Pat is skilled in a variety of quantitative and qualitative tool design, data collection and analysis methodologies including: surveys, interviews, focus groups, case studies, observations, program record review, electronic data sets, and textual analysis.

Pat seeks opportunities for evaluation capacity building and is currently the Empowerment Evaluator for a CDC-funded violence prevention project awarded to the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence that is focused on adolescent dating abuse and the role of school policies. Working with programs to improve delivery of behavioral health services is another of her key areas of concentration. Pat brings to her work with clients the perspective that evaluation is a tool both for making decisions and achieving excellence. She embraces a utilization-focused and participatory philosophy of evaluation planning, implementation, and reporting of findings. Ms. Reyes earned a Master’s of Public Health degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley and B.A. in Psychology from the University of California at Irvine. Email Pat at pat@strategicpreventionsolutions.com.

Jamie Powell

Research Associate

Jamie Powell, M.P.H., is a Research Associate at Strategic Prevention Solutions, who is based in Boise, Idaho. He believes in helping people come together to achieve stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities. Jamie spent the last several years in Alaska serving in multiple health improvement capacities, including directing SAMHSA SPF-SIG project efforts in Homer, Alaska focused on community wide ACEs education, substance abuse prevention, and population level behavior change using a variety of evidence-based strategies, including the Positive Community Norms framework. He also has experience operating within the MAPP framework to implement Community Health Improvement Plans and achieve improved community health standards through Collective Impact. Most recently, Jamie served the people of Alaska as a Health Program Manager helping to oversee the statewide Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Waiver Program. He loves *good* data, writing, program planning, evaluation, research, and systems-level initiatives. You can usually find him on a wild Idaho river chasing trout, or relaxing with his wife and two furry malamutes. Email Jamie at jamie@strategicpreventionsolutions.com.


SPS makes use of consultants to keep expertise high and project costs down. Our consultants are highly trained in community research and evaluation, and are hired on a project-specific basis. Recent consultants include:

  • Paul Cotter, Ph.D., Evalu-Logic (Alaska)
  • Sharon M. Wasco, Ph.D., Independent Consultant (Ohio)
  • Gretchen Clarke, M.P.H., ICF International (Alaska)
  • David Driscoll, Ph.D., University of Alaska Anchorage (Alaska)
  • Claire Crooks, PhD., C.Psych, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
  • Deinera Exner-Cortens, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario (Canada)
  • Rebecca Osborn-Lewis, M.S.W., M.P.H., Holyoke Community College (Massachusetts)
  • Brandy Selover, M.P.H., Independent Consultant (Idaho)
  • Doug Modig, Independent Consultant (Alaska)
  • Leah Holland, B.A., Independent Consultant (Washington)

In The Field