We pride ourselves on the diversity of our clientele and projects, and work hard to maintain a balance of rigor and community-based approaches. We use a strengths-based perspective in all of our projects, and maintain close contact and collaboration with all project partners. It is our belief that although we could probably “do it all,” your needs are best met when we work together to determine what will fit your project expectations.

Research & Evaluation

Our staff is trained in prevention science and contemporary research methods that accompany rigorous prevention research. We apply this knowledge to our evaluation projects, yet ensure that each evaluation is designed to be feasible and appropriate for the outcomes and process that are being measured.

Program & Strategic Planning

We offer non-profit organizational strategic planning, and staff meeting facilitation for retreats and staff development. One of our specialties is assisting organizations in mapping how their prevention programming can be more comprehensive and effective. SPS senior staff utilize a three-step process to map current program outcomes onto the social ecological model, and walk clients through a series of conversations to determine how prevention programming can be more effectively implemented, and therefore utilize organizational resources wisely.

Training & Meeting Facilitation

We offer training and technical assistance using cutting edge technology and engaging styles of presentation and teamwork. Our director, Wendi Siebold, is a nationally sought-after trainer in applied evaluation and prevention planning. Senior staff is trained in group facilitation methods by the Institute for Cultural Affairs (ICA), and we have years of experience facilitating both large and small group meeting and planning processes. Past trainings include:

  • Analyzing Focus Group Data
  • Using your evaluation findings to make your prevention programming comprehensive
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Introduction to “Getting to Outcomes” and Empowerment Evaluation
  • How to conduct a local and state needs assessment
  • How to interpret local and federal data
  • Writing goals and outcome statements
  • Developing logic models
  • Introduction to process and outcome evaluation
  • Introduction to survey design and data collection
  • Using theory in prevention
  • Organizational capacity-building for prevention

Digital Story Telling

Digital storytelling is a modern tool for keeping the stories and the history of Native and non-Native people alive…in a digital format! We offer 1-3 day trainings for people of all ages who would like to create their own digital story using photographs and their own voice. This is an excellent tool for youth to learn about their heritage and connect the past and present for a healthier community of young people.

Online Technology & Database Management

For years, our consultants and staff have been leaders in the use of online technology for encouraging and improving community engagement in prevention activities. We are a dynamic firm that works efficiently across regions of the country and internationally by way of technological advances such as online conferencing, webinars, “cloud” computing, etc. We make these technological advancements available to all of our projects.

Other Specialities

  • Staff who are trained in community psychology, public health/health behavior and health education, prevention science, social work, educational science
  • Staff have intimate expertise of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including both bivariate and multivariate statistics
  • Experience working in partnership with Native communities and governments
  • Blend cutting edge distance-learning technology with practical uses
  • Strengths-based, team-oriented approach
  • Use of mixed-methods/data for our evaluation projects (e.g., use both qualitative storytelling and quantitative statistics and percentages)