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Online Course

Listing of eCourses Offerings

A Coalitions

A-1 Using Shared Measures
A-2 Coalition Building
A-3 Coalition Leadership
A-4 Collaboration
A-5 Stakeholder Analysis
A-6 Collective Impact Primer


B Prevention

B-1 Using the Spectrum of Prevention
B-2 Comprehensive Prevention Planning Primer
B-3 Social Ecological Model
B-4 Successful Media Campaigns
B-5 Social Norms & Social Norms Changes
B-6 Specific Prevention Strategies
B-7 Understanding Research


C Planning

C-1 Program Planning
C-2 Creating & Using Logic Models
C-3 Using Findings to Improve Programming & Continuous Quality Improvement
C-4 Strategic Planning
C-5 Needs & Readiness Assessments
C-6 SWOT Analysis
C-7 Program Adaptations & Fidelity
C-8 Sustainability

D Evaluation

D-1 Evaluation 101
D-2 Evaluation 201
D-3 Specific Types of Evaluation
D-4 Policy Evaluation
D-5 Social Media Evaluation


E Data Collection & Analysis

E-1 Data Management 101 & Online Survey Tools
E-2 Data Management 201
E-3 Specific Data Collection Strategies
E-4 Digital Storytelling
E-5 Facilitating Focus Groups
E-6 Survey Design / Other Methods
E-7 Specific Data Analysis Strategies
E-8 Qualitative Data Analysis


F Sharing Findings

F-1 Sharing Findings
F-2 Creating Infographics
F-3 Data Visualization Strategies

F-4 Basic Reporting Structure


G Sharing Findings

G-1 An Intro to Program Planning & Evaluation

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