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How do you build and sustain capacity for prevention and evaluation in your workforce? Are you looking for training specific to prevention or evaluation? Have you considered eLearnings or webinars for training staff? Our team of trainers and facilitators are experienced with a wide range of topics including strategic planning, coalition building, program sustainability, program implementation and fidelity, prevention, mental health, substance misuse, and evaluation. 


We can help you plan and develop training aids aligned with your goals and programming, or provide consultation about ways to build and sustain prevention and evaluation capacity. From process flows to desk manuals, and from microlearnings to multimodule asynchronous eLearnings, our staff and collaborators can help you create tools for supporting professional development in your agency.

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For over fifteen years, our staff have consulted with, mentored, and trained dynamic professionals and program implementers.

We currently offer custom-tailored courses in:

  • Coalition Formation, Management, and Sustainability  

  • Violence Prevention and Related Topics

  • Program Planning 

  • Evaluation and Research Methods 

  • Data Collection  and Analysis 

  • Sharing Findings and Impacts  


See our listing of eCourse offerings here.

Let's make something engaging and sustainable.

Our trainers at SPS and design partners are standing by.

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Sample eCourses


Informed Consent


Informed Consent is required when performing any evaluation involving volunteers who provide information. Download the Informed Consent Worksheet here and watch this 8-minute video to help take the guesswork out of determining the best way to protect your participants, organizations and yourself.

Download the Informed Consent worksheet here.

An Introduction to Program Planning and

An Introduction to Program Planning and Evaluation


This course was designed for violence prevention program implementers in community – local, campus, state, or other communities. Learners are introduced to main concepts and prevention principles by SPS’s President, Wendi Siebold, encouraged to think deeply about their current capacity, and at the end of the course have a greater understanding of the importance of program planning and evaluation. 

Learn more about the SPS Workbook referenced in this ecourse here. (opens in new tab)

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