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Complimentary Sample eCourses

Informed Consent


Download the Informed Consent worksheet here.

Informed Consent is required when performing any evaluation involving volunteers who provide information.   Download the Informed Consent Worksheet here and watch this 8-minute video to help take the guesswork out of determining the best way to protect your participants, organizations and yourself.


An Introduction to Program Planning and Evaluation


This course is intended for people who are working to prevent violence in their communities whether that is a neighborhood, state, campus, reservation, or any other type of community. This is an introductory course, and is meant to provide a very basic overview of the main concepts behind prevention program planning and evaluation. Specifically, this course will help understand how program planning and evaluation go together.

Learn more about the SPS Workbook referenced in this ecourse here. (opens in new tab)

Adult Education Course

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If you enjoyed our complimentary taster eCourses, contact us today to talk about getting tailor-made eCourses and trainings for your staff. Our trainers at SPS and design partners are standing by.

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