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Meet the Team

Strategic Prevention Solution's highly trained experts  appreciate and pride themselves  for their strong partnerships and collaborative work building, evaluating, and supporting the sustainment of  community-based solutions to complex social issues. By combining industry experience with veteran insights, Strategic Prevention Solutions is uniquely equipped to help you strategically plan for challenges or opportunities by providing specialized experiences to deliver a sustainable impact.

Strategic Prevention Solutions unites the skills and experience of this diverse team of researchers and practitioners to improve community wellness through research, evaluation, training, organizational development, and community planning. Strategic Prevention Solutions values a small-team approach to foster collaborative and complementary relationships necessary to achieving your goals for socio-behavioral health and wellness.  

Partner with the leading experts in public health, behavioral health, and prevention. 




SPS is thrilled to partner with universities to offer internships and practicum experience for students. 



SPS partners with consultants to keep expertise high and project costs down. Our consultants are highly trained in community research and evaluation, and are hired on a project-specific basis.


Recent consultants include:

  • Jennifer Burkhart, Ph.D., Solstice Consulting (Alaska)

  • Nicole Smith, Ph.D., MPH, Independent Consultant (Montana)

  • Jo Volkheimer, M.S., Independent Consultant (Alaska)

  • Valerie Ryan, Ph.D., M.S., Independent Consultant (Pennsylvania)

  • Sharon M. Wasco, Ph.D., Independent Consultant (Ohio)

  • Gretchen Clarke, M.P.H., ICF International (Alaska)


Interested in joining our team? 

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