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Vice President, Research & Technical Assistance Director, Senior Research Associate 

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Brittany Freitas Murrell, Ph.D., completed her final Ph.D. graduate requirements at the University of Alaska Anchorage in Clinical-Community Psychology, and has worked in counseling, teaching, and evaluative capacities across Alaska. She has provided evaluation capacity-building training, program planning and evaluation services, and conducted needs assessments for non-profit and tribal entities. As a behavioral health clinician, Brittany has provided individual and group therapy in outpatient and primary care settings. She utilizes the dual focus of her training (clinical-community psychology) to produce well-rounded and empirically-grounded research and practice. Her training emphasizes the balance of evidence-based and scientifically rigorous practices with real-world context application.


Brittany seeks opportunities for collaborative, enriching partnerships that result in context-based, appropriate data collection and interpretation. She has worked at both state and national levels for prevention work addressing intimate partner violence and substance abuse. Brittany has instructed college-level courses, partnered with tribal colleges to develop apprentice-style curriculum, and provided speaking and training to early interventionists and providers in Alaska. Brittany has served as project lead and principal investigator for numerous projects. Topics include: therapy outcomes related research, attitudes and intentions towards help-seeking, prevention of child sexual abuse initiatives, evaluation of patient satisfaction, community-readiness assessments, statewide prevention initiatives, needs assessments, coalition building and support, and process and outcome evaluations.


Brittany has experience in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, data collection, and analysis. She has authored several research publications and a book chapter and currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

Brittany Freitas Murrell

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