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What are microlearnings?

Have you ever googled something like how to tie a tie? What did you find? Webpages with the information you needed to complete the task? Did it include step-by-step instructions? Was there a demonstration video? There are thousands of ways to tie a necktie, but the top tie types are the four-in-hand, Shelby, the half Windsor, and the Windsor. The most helpful resources you find are likely short and to the point, displaying just the information you needed to complete the task of tying a tie without getting overwhelmed by thousands of possibilities.

This type of "how-to" video is one kind of "microlearning."

Microlearnings are short, learning bursts designed to meet a single, specific learning objective or need. Microlearnings make for big impact in a small, short package. That package is commonly a video, but microlearnings can take many forms – videos, interactive documents, vlogs, audio/podcasts and more.

A sustainable training tool

Strategic Prevention Solutions staff often work with clients to develop enriching opportunities through mentorship, technical assistance and training. Sometimes people are short on time, so we have also partnered with clients to create microlearnings for teaching community members and staff different skills. Microlearnings are a great way to update training materials and make them more accessible and relevant. Unlike other forms of technical assistance, microlearnings also can be saved, rewound and shared – making them a great sustainable training tool.

Our affinity for microlearnings emerged while developing an informed consent decision tree. While the flow chart was helpful, we wanted to include something more interactive and engaging to complement the worksheet. We created a video using ExpleeTM that walks you through the core concepts of informed consent and how to use the worksheet, making the concept more accessible to users. Check it out:

We received positive feedback about the video product and have invested resources as a company to create more materials like this. Most recently, SPS has partnered with the Blue Shield of California Foundation to deliver technical assistance, including microlearnings featuring conceptual learning and skills-based activities for California-based grantees.

Getting started

Is there a topic or skill you think would be good for a microlearning?

Are you and your team ready to update your training material? SPS can tailor microlearnings to your needs. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help, let's connect and get creative.


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