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Consultation and Digital Workbook Package

Consultation and Digital Workbook Package


Are you seeking to elevate your project management skills and gain expert insights?  


We now offer a private, 1-on-1 consultation with our President and Founder of Strategic Prevention Solutions, Wendi Siebold, coupled with the purchase of our Workbook. This is a great opportunity to ask the questions you’ve been wanting to ask and determine if it might be helpful to seek outside assistance from an evaluator.  


Package Includes: 

1. Program Planning & Evaluation Workbook  

A versatile resource catering to beginners in the fields of social, behavioral, and public health programming and evaluation. It offers practical tools, easy-to-understand language, and interactive exercises, making it a go-to guide for community coalitions, educators, evaluators, students, and nonprofit staff seeking to enhance their program planning and evaluation skills. This 2nd edition covers a broader spectrum of social and public health issues and includes new worksheets and content focusing on culturally responsive evaluation and data visualization. Available in hardcover and digital formats, with the hardcover version featuring full-color printing, navigational tabs, and spiral binding for easy use. 


2. One-on-one Consultation with Wendi Siebold, President and of SPS 

Receive professional consultation on your program planning and/or evaluation. Benefit from her decades of experience keeping things practical and feasible within the context of addressing complicated behavioral health issues. Bring your own questions and let’s connect about what you’re doing! 


Take the first step to enhance your projects with expert guidance. Secure your 1-hour consultation with Wendi Siebold and refine your programming with confidence.  


Price: $250 (Valued at $350) 


If you have questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us


    Siebold, Wendi. (2023). Program Planning & Evaluation Workbook (2nd edition). Strategic Prevention Solutions: Juneau, Alaska. 

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