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Comprehensive Program Mapping SEM - Worksheet

One of the hallmarks of Comprehensive programming is that complementary strategies are implemented across all levels of the social ecology and across overlapping populations. Yet, too often our programming focuses on just one or two populations at one level of the social ecology (e.g., high school students, individuals without housing, domestic violence survivors, etc.). Reaching a full degree of comprehensiveness is what makes programs truly effective. Interweaving the social ecology within programming helps understand the impact of your programming on relationships and interactions between people, their environments, and society. This worksheet maps the outcomes of each strategy you are using onto the social-ecological model, helps you identify and plan for the comprehensiveness of programming, identify intended impacts and outcomes across the social ecology, and display the overlapping outcomes of complementary programs. The mapping process in this worksheet will help you determine how comprehensive your programming is across your organization or community coalition.

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