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Adapting to challenging times amidst COVID-19

In this time of coronavirus, we know you're adapting your work to support the communities you serve. Strategic Prevention Solutions is right there along with you as an evaluation thought partner. The magic of evaluation is its intrinsic flexibility to respond to a changing situation. We are working with our clients to adapt evaluation plans and data collection approaches to our new shared reality.

We're here to help

During phone calls last week, we worked together with programs such as the Blue Shield of California Foundation to identify outcomes that will apply across the current time of COVID-19 as well as when we return to the planned, in-person work. A new project kick-off call with grantees that was originally focused on evaluation activities pivoted to focus more on connecting with one another and how the funder and evaluation can offer some flexibility.

With The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, one of our long-term clients, we quickly adapted data collection for a virtual town hall that responded to questions about economic supports. Participation counts as well as discussions in the chat feature provided rich and valuable detail for evaluation.

Let's connect

We can help you capture how you're supporting your communities in this difficult and stressful time. Let's connect – we'd love to hear from you.


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